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DMN Plugin Projects for AE, Presets #23

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A set of various presets for TRAPCODE's effects.
After Effects 7
Projects (aep)

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posted by Dan Johansson on Oct 02, 2008

Invisible Cape

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In this video tutorial, Creative Cow contributing editor Eran Stern with the help of his brother Yuval will show you a simple method to create the famous invisible look inspired from the movie "The Predator"
After Effects CS3

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posted by peter17 on Oct 01, 2008

Copy Image Plug-in

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A simple utility that copies the current composition image to the System Clipboard, allowing easy pasting into other image applications (such as Photoshop). It bypasses the task of saving the current frame to an image file and then reopening.
After Effects 6.5
Useful things

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posted by Dan Johansson on Sep 20, 2008

Looping Footage

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There are several ways to loop a clip, but here a very simple one
After Effects 7
Useful things
Tips'n Tricks

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posted by jamie on Sep 17, 2008

3D Text Creator

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Super simple script that generates text layers and distributes them in 3D space.
After Effects 7
Scripts (jsx)

Views: 14129
posted by MicGyver on Sep 15, 2008

Scale relative to distance from camera

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This expression maintains the objects apparent size as it moves away from camera.
It's helpful for taking a flat layout and making a "multiplane" layout from it for animation.
After Effects 6

Views: 16649
posted by Dan Johansson on Sep 15, 2008



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