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TV Noise 1.5 Preset

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With this Preset you can create noise that woud appear on a TV with bad connection, you will find these kind effects for example in Horror Movies like 'SAW', spy movies etc.
After Effects CS3
Presets (ffx)

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posted by MicGyver on Feb 22, 2010

Create3DMengerSponge Nabscripts

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This script creates a 3D Menger Sponge. The Menger Sponge is a three-dimensional fractal shape made of cubes.
After Effects CS3
Scripts (jsx)

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posted by motion_love on Dec 01, 2009

Fractal Explorer Plugin (Pixel Bender)

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The Fractal Explorer plugin is a couple of free Pixel Bender filters that will generate Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals to any power in real-time.
After Effects CS4
Pixel Bender

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posted by MicGyver on Sep 15, 2009

Motionworks Effects A-Z: Add Grain

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Have you ever looked in the Adobe After Effects Effects menu and wondered what some effects are used for?
This time: Add Grain
After Effects CS3
Useful things

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posted by MicGyver on Aug 15, 2009

Titletext: FractalBlockTracking

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Text effect for an opening title. Adjustable fade in and out regarding the textlayer length
After Effects 7 Pro
Presets (ffx)

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posted by mmo on Oct 01, 2008

Difference Matte Effect Tutorial

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The Difference Matte effect creates a transparency a mask or a matte by comparing the pixels in a source layer with the pixel in a defined difference layer, and then keying out (eliminating) pixels in the source layer that match both the position and color in the difference layer.
After Effects 7

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posted by peter17 on Sep 29, 2008



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