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Pixel Revealer

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Gather your pixels and construct your logo with a big blocky splash with this revealer

Great for trailers, presentations and showcases of any kind.
After Effects CS3
Projects (aep)

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posted by Sinestesia on Jun 28, 2011

YY_MagicKey - powerful keying plugin

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YY_MagicKey is a very powerful keying plugin, minus the complicated settings. It was designed specifically with the keying-out of premultiplied stock elements (explosions, blood, muzzle flares, etc) in mind, and never takes a long time to set up.
After Effects CS4
Pixel Bender

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posted by MicGyver on Sep 17, 2010


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The title says it all. A couple explosion projects made with Trapcode Particular.
After Effects CS3
Projects (aep)

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posted by peter17 on Apr 16, 2009

DMN Plugin Projects for AE, Presets #12

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Emerson has come up with a handful of EXPLOSION STYLES
After Effects 7
Projects (aep)

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posted by Dan Johansson on Oct 02, 2008



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