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Clean Logo V2

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After Effects CS4,CS5,CS5.5 and CS6 template logo reveal
After Effects CS4
Projects (aep)

Views: 24990
posted by aedaddy on Aug 19, 2012

Medical animations

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Medical animations can be useful and informative tools for medical professionals when they are trying to describe complex topics and procedures that may be difficult to imagine.
After Effects 6

Views: 22119
posted by on Mar 02, 2012

Pixel Revealer

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Gather your pixels and construct your logo with a big blocky splash with this revealer

Great for trailers, presentations and showcases of any kind.
After Effects CS3
Projects (aep)

Views: 6367
posted by Sinestesia on Jun 28, 2011


Thumbnail for: ft-Toolbar
This script gives the ability to make your own custom toolbar with Effects, presets or any commands you use the most often
After Effects CS3
Useful things
Scripts (jsx)

Views: 8686
posted by francoisgfx on Mar 03, 2011

Film Flash Preset

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Plain and simple, Film Flash is an automated, dynamic preset for After Effects that bumps up the exposure of the footage to create a cool transition effects between two video clips.
After Effects CS3
Presets (ffx)

Views: 9729
posted by MicGyver on Feb 23, 2011

Free Reflection Plug-in

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A nice 'little' free plug-in to create perfect reflections not only in 3D space from
After Effects CS3

Views: 18563
posted by VCP_Fan on Nov 23, 2009

Aspect Ratio Letterbox (Video Copilot, Preset 06)

Thumbnail for: Aspect Ratio Letterbox (Video Copilot, Preset 06)
Great preset for creating perfect 16:9 letterboxing.
Customize to any aspect ratio automatically.
After Effects 7
Useful things
Presets (ffx)

Views: 8855
posted by VCP_Fan on Mar 28, 2009



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