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Product, Service or App Promotion

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After Effects Template. Promote your app, product or service
After Effects CS5
Useful things
Projects (aep)

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posted by RedSpikeFx on Oct 30, 2012

Medical animations

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Medical animations can be useful and informative tools for medical professionals when they are trying to describe complex topics and procedures that may be difficult to imagine.
After Effects 6

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posted by on Mar 02, 2012

Pixel Revealer

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Gather your pixels and construct your logo with a big blocky splash with this revealer

Great for trailers, presentations and showcases of any kind.
After Effects CS3
Projects (aep)

Views: 6364
posted by Sinestesia on Jun 28, 2011

Wavy Blocks Background

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Clean 3D background with a soft movement. Ideal for company presentations, TV shows and DVD projects.
After Effects 7

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posted by Sinestesia on May 25, 2011

Modern & Stylish Lower Third

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Stylish and modern lower third. It features an ample area for secondary information where you can add not just text, but also images or video.
After Effects 7

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posted by Sinestesia on Mar 29, 2011

Wiggle Visualizer

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If you need more control over wiggling layers the only way to see what they are doing is to draw out the wiggle path. With the Wiggle Visualizer you could get a visual representation of where the wiggling layer is going.
After Effects CS3
Useful things
Presets (ffx)

Views: 10999
posted by Trent Armstrong on Jan 28, 2011

Write FIRE with FIRE

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Write FIRE with FIRE Quick Graphic Fire in Adobe After Effects by Ko Maruyama
After Effects 6.5

Views: 9746
posted by Indy on Dec 04, 2008



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