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Product, Service or App Promotion

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After Effects Template. Promote your app, product or service
After Effects CS5
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Projects (aep)

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posted by RedSpikeFx on Oct 30, 2012

Audio Reactant Time Remapping

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After Effects 6

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posted by francoisgfx on Oct 10, 2010

Ducking Audio Preset/Expression

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A great time-saving preset to "duck"(fade in/out) a music layer based on a voice over.
"Ducking - Audio Terms Explained - Process of automatic compression, eg when the announcer's voice signal causes the level of music to be attenuated."(from
After Effects CS3
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Presets (ffx)

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posted by MicGyver on Oct 25, 2009

Streak and film burn pack

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A pack full of film burns, streaks, anamorphic glares and short streaks. Excellent for Indy films, transistions, stylistic music videos and much much more.
After Effects CS3

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posted by MicGyver on Aug 25, 2009



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