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Jello-Jiggly Expression

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In this Quick Tip, Ewan Smith is going to run you through inserting an expression to the properties of an object to give it a Jello-like Wiggle.
After Effects CS4

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posted by MaxX on Nov 15, 2010


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This Expression causes one gear to rotate at the proper speed when a second gear next to it is
rotated, so that the two gears stay meshed with each other.
by Fred Lewis
After Effects 7
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posted by MaxX on Dec 25, 2008

Using the Puppet Tool with Particles

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In this video tutorial, Creative Cow Leader Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to simulate airflow over an object by using the After Effects CS3 puppet tools with a particle system.
After Effects CS3
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posted by jamie on Sep 12, 2008



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