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jLensBlur Preset

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jLensBlur is an AfterEffects preset for blurring layers based on their distance from a point.
After Effects CS3
Presets (ffx)

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To use the preset, the active (to be blurred) layer(s) must be set as a 3d layer.
A 3d layer named "Focal Null" must also be present.

This preset has different controls:
Focal Distance: only to see distance between the focal point and the object
Threshold: a space in wich the object is not blurred
Blur Scale: to de-/ or increase the amount of blur

by Jeremy Mitchell,

Effects & Plugins

Fast Blur, Expression controls


depth of field, blur, z-space, focus, distance, focal length

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Camera, Type: Presets (ffx))
posted by peter17 on Sep 29, 2009


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