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ft-CombineRGA Pixel Bender plugin allows you to shift channels or combine channels from a second source. What makes this plugin special versus the similar plugins that comes with After Effects, is that it works in 32bit and has a very simply to use UI.
After Effects CS4
Useful things
Pixel Bender

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combine, swap, switch, shift, split, channels, RGB, RGBA, 32 bits

(Min. Version: After Effects CS4, Category: Useful things, Type: Pixel Bender)
posted by francoisgfx on Oct 10, 2010


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Here are two presets knocking out black OR white from a layer based on the luminance to set it as transparent/alpha.
After Effects 7
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Difference Matte Effect Tutorial

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The Difference Matte effect creates a transparency a mask or a matte by comparing the pixels in a source layer with the pixel in a defined difference layer, and then keying out (eliminating) pixels in the source layer that match both the position and color in the difference layer.
After Effects 7

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Useful things
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