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YY_UVmapper (Pixel Bender)

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It's a small, very simple plugin which replaces textures by using a UV map (like maltaannon's youveelizer, but with much fewer features)
After Effects CS4
Useful things
Pixel Bender

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It doesn't work with normal maps.
The plugin is meant to be applied onto your UV map.
And here are the parameters:
-Input 2: this is the texture that will be used.
-Top Left: crops the top left corner of the texture
-Bottom Right: crops the bottom right corner of the texture
-Offset X: offset the texture on the X axis
-Offset Y: offset the texture on the Y axis
-Scale: scale the texture
-Tile: whether or not the texture should tile

by Andrew Yang

(To install it, simply drop the pbg file into your CS4/CS5 plugin folder, and start After Effects. (sorry CS3 users, but pixel bender plugins don't work with anything under CS4))


Pixel Bender, UV

(Min. Version: After Effects CS4, Category: Useful things, Type: Pixel Bender)
posted by MicGyver on Oct 07, 2010


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