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YY_MorphShake (Pixel Bender)

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This one is meant as a alternative to the motion-tile method for creating camera shake.
After Effects CS4
Pixel Bender

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Motion tile can lead to oddly-shaped tessellations in the edges of the image. However, YY_MorphShake simply stretches the far edges, eliminating the strange shapes.
Due to the stretching, YY_MorphShake behaves poorly when dealing with geometric shapes and parallel lines, as they will be distorted.

Here are the parameters:
-Dimensions: dimensions of the image, don't touch this as it is set automatically
-Offset: Use this to move the image around (alt-click the stopwatch to add wiggle, etc)
-Border Size: How big the stretched area will be (in percentage)
-Show Border: Render a red overlay over the area subject to stretching
-High Quality: Enable for bilinear interpolation (disable for faster rendering)

by Andrew Yang

(To install it, simply drop the pbg file into your CS4/CS5 plugin folder, and start After Effects. (sorry CS3 users, but pixel bender plugins don't work with anything under CS4))


Pixel Bender, Camera, Shake, Quake

(Min. Version: After Effects CS4, Category: Camera, Type: Pixel Bender)
posted by MicGyver on Oct 07, 2010


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