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Universal Counter/Currency Formatter

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Create a universal counter that will count from one value to another over a fixed amount of time. Easily format the count with commas, add a dollar sign for currency formatting, and specify the number of digits to the right of the decimal point.
After Effects CS3

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"This is a perfect application for an expression applied to the source text parameter of a text layer. We'll drive the counter with AE's linear() interpolation method. This allows us (with a single line of code) to easily map the counting range across the duration of the count.

As a bonus, doing it this way will automatically give us a counter that will count up or down. All we have to do to make it count down is make the beginning count larger than the ending count. Also, this method will automatically cause the output to freeze when it reaches the end count.

For the formatting, we can take advantage of a couple of JavaScript's built in methods to help us accomplish our goal. We'll use the string method substr() to do the manipulation necessary to insert the commas and toFixed() to handle the formatting of the decimals. For negative numbers, we'll strip off the sign prior to formatting and re-apply it afterwards, along with an optional dollar sign.

The code may take you a while to decipher, but for most applications you should be able to just paste it into your project and modify the six variables at the beginning of the code."
numDecimals = 2;
commas = true;
dollarSign = true;
beginCount = -1999;
endCount = 1999;
dur = 4;

t = time - inPoint;
s = linear (t, 0, dur, beginCount, endCount).toFixed(numDecimals);
prefix = "";
if (s[0] == "-"){
  prefix = "-";
  s = s.substr(1);
if(dollarSign) prefix += "$";
if (commas){
  decimals = "";
  if (numDecimals > 0){
    decimals = s.substr(-(numDecimals + 1));
    s = s.substr(0,s.length - (numDecimals + 1));
  outStr = s.substr(-s.length, (s.length-1)%3 +1);
  for (i = Math.floor((s.length-1)/3); i > 0; i--){
    outStr += "," + s.substr(-i*3,3);
  prefix + outStr + decimals;
  prefix + s;
by Dan Ebbert


Expression, Text, Count, Countdown

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Text-FX, Type: Expressions)
posted by MicGyver on Jan 18, 2010


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