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TV Noise 1.5 Preset

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With this Preset you can create noise that woud appear on a TV with bad connection, you will find these kind effects for example in Horror Movies like 'SAW', spy movies etc.
After Effects CS3
Presets (ffx)

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This Preset is using A Custom Effect

You have Lots of control with many sliders etc.

Stretch Noise Slider
Smooth Noise Checkbox
Blur Slider (Box Blur)
Vignette Group (1 Checkbox 4 Sliders)
Noise Contrast Slider (under Color Correction)
a tiny Color Expression update.
1.2.1 Update
Random Seed option
Updated, better organized UI
Scanlines Aspect ratio "Bug" Fixed

1.5 Update
a big update, cool new features added, feels really advanced
New in this version:
Looks good in All apect ratio's and Comp Sizes
TV Noise stops moving Bug Fixed
Random Seed Fixed
new more advanced Scan Lines group added
old Scan Lines now called 'Simple Scan lines' new one 'Scan Lines'
TV Slide Group
Screen Distort Slider (under Distortion)
'Little Noise' now called 'Tiny Noise'
Colorize Tiny Noise checkbox added
Some Other Little Fixes

by Jorritschulte

How To install:
place The 'Jorrit Schulte' Folder in your preset folder
and place the inside of the 'CustomEffect.xml' file in Preseteffects.xml inside the ae support files (right before </Effects>, all at the bottom)

On A Mac:
To enter the 'CustomEffect.xml' content in Preseteffects.xml go to your Adobe After Effects folder and right click on "Adobe After Effects" and click "Show Package Contents".
Then go to Contents > Resources > PresetEffects.xml and then right click on PresetEffects.xml and open in an Editor (I use BBEdit or Dreamweaver), then also open the file "CustomEffect.xml" that came with TV Noise Input and copy everything in the "CustomEffect.xml" file and then go to the opened PresetEffects.xml and go to the very bottom and hit enter a few times right above the bottom "</Effects>" line and then paste all the contents from "CustomEffect.xml" and then save. (Make sure that </Effects> is still at the very bottom)


TV, Bad TV, Noise, Distortion

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Design/Objects, Type: Presets (ffx))
posted by MicGyver on Feb 22, 2010


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