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Queue Comp Sections

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Render differnt comp parts based on several guide layers in and out points. This is sort of like having multiple work area settings for a comp.
After Effects CS3
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To use this jsx, you must create guide layers whose inpoints and outpoints serve as render sections. Each "render layer" layer-name NOT beginning with an underscore ("_") will be used as that render item's output base name (e.g., "basename".mov, or "basename"_[#####].xxx if it is a file sequence). Layer names beginning WITH an underscore will be ignored, and the comp name will be used as the basename of the render queue item (AE's normal "add to render queue" behavior). Select the render layers you want to use, run the script, and it adds the items to the render queue.

by Christopher R Green,


Render Queue, Scripts

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Useful things, Type: Scripts (jsx))
posted by MicGyver on Oct 20, 2009


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Useful things
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