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Particular Halftone Effect

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After Effects CS3

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by Harry J. Frank,

Apply Trapcode Particular to a new solid
Set the Emitter Type to Layer Grid and choose Your Footage as Layer
Set the Velocity to 0.0, the Layer RGB Usage to Lightness - Size
In the options go to the Grid Emitter and and try different values for Particke in X and Y(e.g.60) and set the Pre-run to 100%
To adjust the Particle Life Alt(Option)-Click on the Life[sec] and type "thisComp.frameDuration"
To emitt the correct amount of particles you have calculate the Particles/sec. like: GridX * GridY * frameDuration

Effects & Plugins

Trapcode Particular


Picture Style, Halftone

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Particles, Type: Plugins)
posted by vfx007 on Aug 15, 2009


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