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Medical animations

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Medical animations can be useful and informative tools for medical professionals when they are trying to describe complex topics and procedures that may be difficult to imagine.
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Medical animations

Medical animations can be useful and informative tools for medical professionals when they are trying to describe complex topics and procedures that may be difficult to imagine. With today's technological advances, animations can be used in films, televisions, commercials, interactive web sites and other multimedia productions. Medical animations can be displayed on high definition monitors, tablet devices, even on mobile devices. This offers a number of potential uses for you, your patients and caregivers to access informational animations any time at any place.

Uses of medical animations

Often times, discussing complex medical topics or procedures are hard for non-medical professionals to comprehend. If they are unfamiliar with medical or anatomical terminology, then explaining things only verbally can be confusing and important facts could potentially be misunderstood. If you are looking to make these topics more understandable to a patient or caregiver, using visual aids of some sort may be the best option.

Medical animations can be useful for explaining interactions of medicine on the body as well as illustrate internal anatomical details. These animations can also display how a medical procedure will be completed. It can graphically show a patient where, anatomically, the procedure will take place, show step-by-step details about how it is done and what will be accomplished by the procedure. For cosmetic procedures, animations can show representations of the before and after effects.

Types of medical animations

Short video clips can be purchased from and can be used in your medical office to display to patients. They can also be displayed on a website, videos and other multimedia presentations to help you to inform people by teaching them about health topics or prevention issues. Here are some examples of concepts that can be explained using one of our stock medical animations:

If you were describing skeletal structure, you could use a video like this:
If you were teaching about cardiopulmonary health, you could use this video:
If you wanted to discuss brain function, then this video might help:
If you wanted to discuss how a medicine works in the bloodstream, you would use this video:

How to get medical animations

Stock clips can be downloaded in a number of different sizes or formats at High definition formats are available for $40. Animations can also be customized to fit the needs of any practice or project. If you need customized medical animations, the author would be happy to work with you to ensure that you can get exactly what you need.


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