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Looping Footage

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There are several ways to loop a clip, but here a very simple one
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Right-Click on the Footage in the Project-Panel and choose "Interpret Footage".
At the bottom "Other Options" you can set the footage to loop XX times


menu interpret footage

(Min. Version: After Effects 7, Category: Useful things, Type: Tips'n Tricks)
posted by jamie on Sep 17, 2008


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Difference Matte Effect Tutorial

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The Difference Matte effect creates a transparency a mask or a matte by comparing the pixels in a source layer with the pixel in a defined difference layer, and then keying out (eliminating) pixels in the source layer that match both the position and color in the difference layer.
After Effects 7

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Frame Rate Converter (Video Copilot, Preset 12)

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Convert frame rates from PAL to NTSC to PAL.
Change 60i footage to 24p and much more.
After Effects 7
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Solid Script based on Duration

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This script will allow you to select one or more layers and create a solid, choose the color and place it directly below the footage layer and it will trim the in and out points of the new solid to match the footage duration.
After Effects CS4
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posted by Indy on May 25, 2009



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