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Lens Flare on 3D Lights

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After Effects lights can be moved around in 3D space but a lens flare effect can only move in 2D space on the X and Y axis.
After Effects CS3

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So how can you add a 2d lens flare to a 3D moving light?
The secret is using a simple expression on the "Flare Center" of the lens effect.

1. Alt Click on Flare Center stop watch to add expression
2. Type this in the expression box:
thisComp.layer("Light 1").toComp([0,0,0]);
NOTE: Just change "Light 1" to the name of your light.

by Andrew Kramer,

Effects & Plugins

Lens Flare


Lens Flare, Light, Expression

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Lights, Type: Expressions)
posted by VCP_Fan on Aug 12, 2009


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