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Image/Video grids and auto-storyboard

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Arranging many images or videos into a grid can be quite a tedious process if you do it manually because you generally want to tweak spacing and size as you go...
After Effects CS3
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You have to continually shuffle things around to keep everything lined up, and then if you decide the images should be bigger or smaller, or more to the left or over to the right then you often have to start again ...

This project automatically arranges stills or videos into a grid and allows you to adjust position and spacing with sliders. This makes it easy to judge the layout without being distracted by maths.

There are three compositions in the project - one for stills, one for videos, and one to create an "auto storyboard" - in which a video is sampled at user-defined intervals and aligned into a grid.
from Chris Zwar

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(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Useful things, Type: Projects (aep))
posted by peter17 on Feb 06, 2009


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