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Free Reflect Script

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A free script for After Effects that generates accurate reflections. Instructions included in the .zip file.

After Effects CS4
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(Min. Version: After Effects CS4, Category: Useful things, Type: Scripts (jsx))
posted by Vurb on Jul 07, 2011


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Magnum - The Edit Detector

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This script automatically detects edits in footage. To use it you simply select a footage layer in a comp, set the work area to the region you’d like to find edits and tell Magnum to go to work!
After Effects CS3
Useful things
Scripts (jsx)

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posted by Indy on Nov 03, 2008

3D Text Creator

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Super simple script that generates text layers and distributes them in 3D space.
After Effects 7
Scripts (jsx)

Views: 10070
posted by MicGyver on Sep 15, 2008

MoCon V3.5.5: transfer 3D motion + tracker info

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This collection of scripts is used to transfer 3D motion to and from After Effects, Maya, Nuke, SynthEyes and Electric Image.
After Effects 6.5
Scripts (jsx)

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posted by MicGyver on Sep 28, 2008



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