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Fractal Explorer Plugin (Pixel Bender)

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The Fractal Explorer plugin is a couple of free Pixel Bender filters that will generate Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals to any power in real-time.
After Effects CS4
Pixel Bender

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A new Pixel Bender plugin for generating a wide variety of fractals in real-time. A key feature enables images to be mapped into fractal space creating some amazing results.

Just put the Pixel Bender .pbk filters in a folder within the Plug-ins/Effects/ directory of your installation then it will be available from the Effects menu.

Pixel Bender Toolkit: PBT is a free download from Adobe labs that you can use to run the filters and generate fractals if you don't have Photoshop/After Effects CS4.


Fractals, Pixel Bender, Mandelbrot, Julia

(Min. Version: After Effects CS4, Category: Design/Objects, Type: Pixel Bender)
posted by MicGyver on Sep 15, 2009


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