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Drifting Title Sequence

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Learn how to use multiple nulls and parenting to simplify an otherwise complex camera move. Then use Particular and some additional effects to dress up the scene.
After Effects CS3

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by Harry Frank,

The Cam-recipe: Setting up a 3D-Null for continous drifting over time(DriftNull). Add another Null for the camera (zoom)movement(CamNull). Make a new Camera, parent it to the CamNull, and then parent the CamNull to the DriftNull.


Camera, Particles, Lens Flare, Fog, Dust

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Text-FX, Type: Video-/Tutorials)
posted by MicGyver on Nov 17, 2009


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Birds, Bats and Butterflies

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Modulate the intensity of Lens Flare based on an obscuration layer

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After Effects CS3
Presets (ffx)

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