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Creating 3D Cloud Motion From a Still Image

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A simple trick for animating clouds in a realistic fashion, without creating masks.
After Effects CS3

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In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to take a 2D image of clouds and use it to create realistic 3D cloud motion, in just a few simple clicks. No cutting up of the image needed!
Uses the Skew property in the Transform filter (an old DVE trick via Noel Powell)

In the Transform filter:
-Set the Anchor Point to the bottom left(Drag your complete layer back to the bottom left)
-Set the Skew-Axis to 90
-Set a keyframe for Skew to -10 and at the end to +10

You can also animate the position of the layer to get more motion in the background

By Aharon Rabinowitz

Effects & Plugins

Transform filter


3D Motion, Clouds, Weather Replacement

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: 3D, Type: Video-/Tutorials)
posted by Dan Johansson on Jun 21, 2009


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