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Controlling sound volume without dB

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A few simple expressions to convert from dB to volume-Percentages, this way sound will respond more like opacity...
After Effects CS3
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It's a pain to use decibels to animate sound-Volume, especially for a fade-out or cross-fade.

These are animation presets that you should apply to a sound-layer.
A few sliders and an expression will be added.

With the Volume Slider you can easily set and animate the sound-Volume in percentages (eg. 200% = twice as loud, or fadeout from 100-0)

The Volume + Pan version also adds a slider that Balances/Pans the sound from left (-50) to right (+50)

I noticed that After Effects' Stereo Mixer plugin uses a "Panning Law" of -6 dB, most DAWs use -3 or -4.5.
there's a line in my script that lets you toggle between 0, -3, -4.5 or -6dB pan law.

(for those of us who don't know what a pan law is: basically it's a formula that controls that sounds in the center don't sound louder than sounds that are panned hard left or right, this also prevents a 0dB stereo signal from clipping when it's summed to mono)

by Filip Vandueren


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(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Useful things, Type: Presets (ffx))
posted by MaxX on May 10, 2010


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