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Color Swatch Changer

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Uses expressions to pull colors from user generated swatches and apply the new colors across a project.

Some Assembly Required!
After Effects CS5
Projects (aep)

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Included with this project are a few color swatch examples from . I loaded Kuler and took a screen shot of just the larger color swatch at the top of the screen to get each of my swatches.

The expressions read the area underneath where each swatch color is located. To change the colors, simply drag a new swatch into the swatch location or turn off the eyeballs to reveal the swatches underneath.

This is the result of an experiment to have the ability to do sweeping changes across a number of shape layers to help me change the entire look of a project with a simple swatch replace.

Because of the nature of shape layers and color expressions it may be necessary at times to turn off the swatch eyeball and then back on.


expressions, project, color, swatch, update, after effects

(Min. Version: After Effects CS5, Category: Color, Type: Projects (aep))
posted by Trent Armstrong on Feb 09, 2011


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