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Better Bouncing

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It's similar to Ease and Wizz - but with sliders to adjust amplitude, decay, and frequency.
After Effects CS4
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Presets (ffx)

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There are sliders to adjust amplitude, decay, and frequency. By tweaking these you'll be able to achieve a variety of effects.

Based on Dan Ebberts articles on physical simulations. Check out what Dan has to say about choosing the frequency: "Note that you need to choose your frequency carefully to sell this effect. For example, at 30 frames per second, a frequency of 2.0 will cause the first bounce to occur half way between frames 3 and 4. So it will look like the ball never quite hits the "floor". To have it occur exactly at frame 3, you would need to change your frequency to 2.5, and to make it occur at frame 4, you'd change the frequency to 1.875."

To build it up on your own add the 3 sliders and apply this expression on a "Separate Dimensions" position value
    try {
        freq = effect("bounce - frequency")("Slider"); //oscillations per second 
        amplitude =  effect("bounce - amplitude")("Slider"); 
        decay =  effect("bounce - decay")("Slider");
    } catch(e) {
        freq = 1;
        amplitude = 500;
        decay = 1;

    posCos = Math.abs(Math.cos(freq*time*2*Math.PI));
    y = amplitude*posCos/Math.exp(decay*time);
    value - y
by Ian Haigh


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(Min. Version: After Effects CS4, Category: Useful things, Type: Presets (ffx))
posted by jamie on Nov 02, 2011


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