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Aurora Desktop

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I'm going to introduce how to make Aurora Effects.
It looks like the wall paper of Mac OSX Leopard.
After Effects 7 Pro

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Effects & Plugins

Trapcode Form, Trapcode Shine, CC Star Burst 2.5, Glow, Lens Flare

(Min. Version: After Effects 7 Pro, Category: Backgrounds, Type: Video-/Tutorials)
posted by Dan Johansson on Nov 03, 2008


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Reviving AE Lens Flares with Trapcode Shine

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Motion designer Harry Frank shows how to breath new life or make a retro look with standard After Effects Lens Flare by using Shape Layers and Trapcode Shine.
After Effects CS3
Tips'n Tricks

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posted by vfx007 on Mar 04, 2009

Butterfly Effect

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Learn quick tricks of using Particular.
Attach the particular to butterflies leaving trails.
by Shoaib Khan
After Effects CS3

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posted by MicGyver on Nov 08, 2008

Red Giant TV: Episode 01: Binary Transition Part 1

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This episode shows you how to use Trapcode Form to create a dramatic transition where footage breaks into binary code, and re-forms as different footage.
By Aharon Rabinowitz
After Effects 7 Pro

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posted by vfx007 on Dec 21, 2008



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