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Audio Autofade by in/out points

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Automatically fade a layer's audio in and out based on its in and out points
After Effects CS4
Presets (ffx)

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It's just a simple adaptation of the built-in FadeIn+Out-Frames behaviour, but applied to the Stereo Mixer audio effect instead.
Apply the preset to to your Audio Layer. Set the number of frames required for fade in and fade out in the first slider effect, and the layer will then automatically fade from 0 to 100% and back again for the defined durations. To further adjust the overall volume, use Level or a second iteration of Stereo mixer.

by Andrew Yoole

Or just apply the Stereo Mixer to the Audio Layer and apply the expression to the Left Channel. Then pickwhip the Right Channel to left:
//adjust the fade duration(in frames)
fadeInDuration = thisComp.frameDuration * f_in;
fadeOutDuration = thisComp.frameDuration * f_out;
fadeInVol = linear(time, inPoint, inPoint+fadeInDuration+0.001, 0, 100);
fadeOutVol = linear(time, outPoint-fadeOutDuration-0.001, outPoint, 100, 0);
(fadeInVol * fadeOutVol) / 100

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Stereo Mixer

(Min. Version: After Effects CS4, Category: Transitions, Type: Presets (ffx))
posted by MicGyver on Nov 28, 2010


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