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AlignLayers Nabscripts

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This script aligns the selected layers along the x, y or z axis.
After Effects CS3
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Here the term 'aligns' must be interpreted as 'puts next to each other'; the first selected layer serves as a reference layer and it does not move. You can align layers having different sizes. A constant offset between two adjacent layers can also be specified.

-Run the script
-Select some layers (footage, comp, solid or text layers)
-Click on one or more checkbox control to allow alignment along the corresponding axis
-Optionally, move the slider control or edit text input to add a constant offset between consecutive layers
When a text layer is selected, the script assumes its anchor point to be located at the center of the layer.

Version: 2.0 (05 June 2009)
by Charles Bordenave,


Script, jsx, align, distribute, tool, layer

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: Useful things, Type: Scripts (jsx))
posted by Dan Johansson on Jan 11, 2009


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