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3D Shadows (Video Copilot, No. 71)

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Cast 3D shadows onto live action footage
Use shadow diffusion and special material options
Tutorials for Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
Free After Effects Tutorials & More Hosted By: Andrew Kramer
After Effects CS3

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Cast shadows, projecting, light

(Min. Version: After Effects CS3, Category: 3D, Type: Video-/Tutorials)
posted by MicGyver on Nov 11, 2008


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Advanced Extrusion with Shatter

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This is a fairly simple technique often done poorly. The trick to making the 3D extrusion look as good as possible is in the way you use a custom shape layer and the way you assign textures to the extrusion.
After Effects CS3

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posted by Dan Johansson on Mar 04, 2009

Motionworks Effects A-Z: Auto Effects

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Have you ever looked in the Adobe After Effects Effects menu and wondered what some effects are used for?
This time: Auto Color, Auto Contrast and Auto Levels
After Effects CS3
Useful things

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posted by MicGyver on Sep 13, 2009

Adjustment Lights

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Eran Stern teaches you how to control the scattering of light in a composition using adjustment light.
After Effects CS3

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posted by Indy on Mar 30, 2009



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